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Project Management

MS Solutions Belize Ltd. | Property Management in Belize

Our client’s budget is of out most importance and we aim to provide a solution to whatever the problem or task is within the said budget. The client is whom is important and regardless of the budget our standard of work and quality of finish product remains the same as our reputation and client satisfaction is what we value. All clients receive the same personal attention and facilities i.e. access to a shared google sheet to keep abreast of expenditure, scanned copies of sales receipts or rental deposits, pictures of progress made or of repairs done, quotations prior to any project commencement and access to consulting engineers where necessary or requested etc. Whether our clients are around the lane, across town, out of town or out of the country we want clients to be involved and kept updated with our progress so they can provide their input and can make any changes soonest. ​

The common assumption is that a Project Manager is simply the person who shows up occasionally to over see what a contractor does, however, this is a gross misinterpretation. MS has found that this arrangement is a recipe for chaos especially when a home owner or an investor is not present to monitor works or has only a very basic knowledge of how things are to go. Therefore, we are always present, always prepared and always supervising the works being done. Our theory at MS Solution is simple, we are your personal representation throughout the entire project.

Project to closure.

MS Solutions Belize Ltd. | Property Management in Belize

Project Conception and Initiation

MS Solutions Belize Ltd. | Property Management in Belize

Project Definition and Planning

MS Solutions Belize Ltd. | Property Management in Belize

Project Launch and Execution

MS Solutions Belize Ltd. | Property Management in Belize

Project Performance and Control

MS Solutions Belize Ltd. | Property Management in Belize

Project Close

Our Projects

Built: 2020

Elate Place

This luxurious apartment complex located in Bella Vista, is considered to be one of the most modern apartment in Belize City. This 4 story apartment complex is great for a new family or a single person. The building offers fully furnished apartment units in addition to a back porch over looking a tropical canal. Elate Place consists of four 2 bedrooms 2 bathroom units in addition to a penthouse which features a rooftop area. It is in close proximity to restaurants, gyms, supermarkets, schools and a short drive from the Municipal Airstrip, and a stone throw away from the Philip Goldson Highway.

Sweet Avenue Apartments

Built: 2018

The modern apartment complex is located on Sweet Avenue in Belize City. It offers two 1 bedroom 1 bathroom on the ground floor and a family home on the first floor. This apartment complex is great for a new family or a single person. The yard is fenced and spacious which can accommodate multiple parking for all tenants. 
The demand for properties in this area continues to increase due to the steady Commercial development in the area. The neighbourhood is known to be very safe and quiet.

Our method of management is a hands-on approach, this mean that we invest ourselves and our time fully to your project. We recommend reputable architects, get quotations from contractors and do all negotiations, attend meetings with our clients and necessary personnel for various works, i.e. carpentry, plumbing, electrical, have private consultations to review plans so all the details are clear i.e. column spacing, placement of plumbing etc., ensure all projects get their required Central Building Authority (CBA) clearance and we are on site from ground breaking to ensure piles are driven down straight and (if required) pile caps have their required dept. There is no aspect of any project that we do not oversee or help to facilitate. MS sources the man power, skill laborers and/or materials resources to accomplish the project at hand; whether a client requires the importation of appliances, décor, vanities, sinks or shower systems or wish to source tiles in Mexico or find available exotic woods locally, we seek to provide the best options at costs prices to ensure savings are passed onto clients. We will make sure that from start to finish that the best quality of work and finish is achieved.


All projects consummated with contracts that lay out clearly terms of the agreement. Clients will get an advance copy prior to signing to ensure their legal representative reviews the contract. Any client who chooses not to engage an independent legal adviser will be required to sign a waiver.

MS has two options below which serve as the baseline and can be deliberated over to best suit the needs of the client.

MS Solutions Belize Ltd. | Property Management in Belize


Option 1

The billing and fee arrangement would be dependent on the nature and scope of works that we are being engaged for as well as the size of the project. It is the practice to charge a percentage of the total cost of the project. The rationale for this arrangement is that all cost savings measures, discounts and insider knowledge are passed directly onto the client. Disbursements of payment will be detailed on fixed points of progress i.e. first payment when foundation is complete, second disbursement when reach second floor etc.

Options available are based on project costs in Belize Dollars

16% - $10,000.00 to $150,000.00
14% - $151,000.00 to $254,000.00
12% - $255,000.00 to $800,000.00
10% - $805,000.00 to $5,000,000.00

Option 2

The alternate billing and fee arrangement entail a fixed weekly payment of $1,200.00 - $1,600.00 for a five- or six-day week and when necessary seven days. All discounts and savings will be absorbed by MS Solutions and not transferred to client as allotted in the first option.

** We strongly urge clients to choose option 1 as in our experience the savings passed onto client offsets the percentage being paid out.

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