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Property Management

MS Solutions Belize Ltd. | Property Management in Belize

All aspects of property management are provided whether it be for a house, an office building, an apartment building or an empty parcel of land. These services include but are not limited to lawn cutting/cleaning, sourcing plumber for plumbing issues, sourcing electrician for electrical issues, collection of rent, property tax payments, utility payments (if required), building maintenance i.e. painting, cleaning, physical repairs, yard maintenance and payments for garbage collection etc. As previously stated, all clients receive scanned copies of deposits made, of invoices and clients will be provided with quotations for necessary repair before any work is to be commenced (save for emergency situations). MS would be paid a fee for such facilitations and the cost of works would be paid by the clients. MS would ensure the best work for the best prices; savings will be returned to clients as our clients would enjoy the discounts MS obtain.

Vision. Innovation. Experience.

Are you a real estate investor with a growing portfolio of mid- to large-scale residential or commercial properties? Rental property is a smart investment. But the realities of running and maintaining income property can quickly become overwhelming, not to mention the time and effort involved in marketing your property, selecting prospective tenant and understanding the Landlord and Tenant Act of Belize. Whether you’re an individual, group or syndication, MS Solutions’ experienced and proactive team can reduce vacancies and increase the value of your investments.
Here’s how:



  • Maximize rental income through market knowledge of competitive rents by property type and neighbourhood

  • Assess properties and advise on strategic improvements and renovations that will increase income and property value

  • Cash flow analysis for each property and unit

  • Increase value of property for financing and net worth evaluations

  • Third party management acting in the best interest of our clients


  • Marketing, listing and showing properties

  • Tenant screening, pre-qualification and rental applications

  • Answering lease inquiries

  • Lease execution

  • Monthly and annual financial reporting and rent transfers

  • Maintenance of property records

  • Property inspections

  • Repairs and service requests

  • Rent review and legal representation as required



  • 24/7 service through our tenant portal, by email, phone or in person

  • In-house service technicians equipped with mobile devices for incoming work orders ensuring maintenance issues are addressed with minimal downtime

  • Mobile devices sync by the minute with our administrative team, allowing us to check the status of each repair and effectively manage resources


  • Strong and consistent investment in marketing to ensure top of mind awareness for tenants looking for an apartment

  • Online, print, blog, social media, radio campaigns

  • Signs on managed buildings



Some of the numerous advantages to you the investor are:

Collection and monitoring of rent payments

•Prompt dispersal of rent monies

•Arranging cost effective repairs & maintenance

•Paying of relevant accounts if required i.e. rates, insurance etc.

•Inspections are completed four times annually

•Making prompt contact with tenants who are late with rent payments. We follow up rent arrears diligently & our knowledge of the landlord and tenant act and legislation on a whole, helps us minimize rent loss.

•Drawing of Legal Documents

•Careful selection & thorough screening of tenants

•Mediation & Court appearances if required

•Saving you cost on expensive advertising

•Regular updates of potential investment opportunities: Buying and Selling

•Advice about the Market

MS Solutions Belize Ltd. | Property Management in Belize


Property management services fees is done at a fairly standard rate monthly.

Rent collection at 10% of total sum collected this includes scheduling with tenants quarterly maintenance for air conditioning, onsite inspection of rental space, addressing tenant concerns and arranging with approved contractors to do necessary repairs. The client is responsible to pay for the necessary repairs and servicing of the air conditioning.

Additional services available include:                                                                    Basic Rate

Property taxes payment                                                                                            5% of the amount being charged
Utilities payment                                                                                                         2% of the amount being charged
Pressure washing building                                                                                        2% of the amount being charged

Painting building                                                                                                         2% of the amount being charged
Detailing of apartments/office                                                                                 5% of the amount being charged
Yard cleaning and maintenance                                                                               2% of the amount being charged

*Price varies for the size of the yard and maintenance required.

Plumber (plumbing)                                                                                                   2% of the amount being charged
Electrician (electrical)                                                                                                2% of the amount being charged
Home repairs               
                                                                                               2% of the amount being charged
House cleaning                                                                                                           2% of the amount being charged



If MS is hired to maintain a home, lot etc. for the entire year then the option of one flat rate is to be discussed with the client to reach an agreement suitable to the client.

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